There are several different treatments for how to overcome premature ejaculation: supplements, sprays and creams are the most common for over the counter remedies. I am going to cover premature ejaculation creams in this article, as I think they are the quickest remedy for premature ejaculation and the easiest to test.

premature ejaculation cream

premature ejaculation cure naturally

How Do Premature Ejaculation Creams Work?


Most creams designed to control premature ejaculation are made from ingredients that work as a gentle anesthetic. The anesthetic is what slightly dulls the sensation and slows you down a bit. Though these are gentle and have been tested extensively before allowed on the market, it is always best to check the ingredient list to look for anything you know you are allergic to.

The most common ingredients are Benzocaine and Lidocaine. Both common, over the counter ingredients found in many different products in the pharmacy isle. Other ingredients commonly used are Niacin, L-arginine and Lecithin. Besides potential allergic reactions, also check if the cream has any taste or smell. Both important things to note when you are getting ultra up close and personal with someone.

How Does Premature Ejaculation Affect Me?

premature ejaculation cure naturally

We are all sexual beings and not being able to perform to you or your partner’s satisfaction, affects you not only between the sheets, but may also cause doubts or insecurities regarding your emotional well-being. Though the definition of premature ejaculation is somewhat subjective. It can easily mean different things to different men, depending on what their expectations are, it is mostly one of those things that “you know it when you got it”.

No matter how caring and understanding your partner, dealing with the humiliation of premature ejaculation, can leave  you doubting your manhood and perhaps even avoiding sexual situations.

However, chances are by using a PE cream, you likely will be to perform for quite awhile, before finally reaching ejaculation. Now, wouldn’t that be a welcome change?

By using a PE cream you can expect the following benefits.

  • Ability to prolong sex for much longer periods before ejaculation
  • Much firmer erection, giving you and your partner a bit more pleasure
  • Increased confidence both between the sheets and in everyday life
  • Increased sense of manhood because of  your new abilities

Is It Easy To Use?

All PE creams come with instructions of how much to use and what to expect. Generally they will instruct you to apply the cream after cleaning your genitals and wait 10-15 minutes.  Also, a good idea to let your partner know that you are using the cream, just in case they may have any allergies.

Are The Creams Safe?

Aside from any allergy issues you may have, the manufacturers of the  premature ejaculation creams have proven their products as safe and effective. However, make sure you purchase direct from the manufacturer. With the lax accountability of online resellers such as Ebay or Amazon, it is best to purchase from a trusted source. I mean really, do you want to trust your prized body part to an untested product?